iPhone 7 review

iPhone 7 review The new iPhone 7 looks basically same like iPhone 6/6s on the outside but it has some major upgrade compare to its predecessor. It’s 4.7” waterproof metal unibody can fully operate under water up to 30ts minutes. Not only its apple first water resistant phone but it is also apple’s first Quad-core […]


Activate your Windows 10 easily

How To Activate Windows 10 Pro/Home/Enterprise using KMSpico 10 Activator. Now You can activated all edition of Windows 10 for free it working with 32 Bit and 64 Bit operating system. You can also check out How To Download Windows 10 ISO image on your PC. Windows 10 Activation Pre-Requirement KMSpico Activator (Download from Below) Turn off […]


Genes May Dictate Your Love

Whether you get pumped up for gym time or you’d rather crawl back into bed if someone mentions exercise, your genes might be to blame, a new study suggests. Most people receive a mental reward from working out in the form of increased levels of dopamine — a brain chemical associated with feelings of motivation, […]


Does Baby Powder Cause Ovarian Cancer?

A spate of multimillion-dollar jury verdicts against consumer products giant Johnson & Johnson is shining a light on a long-simmering scientific question: Can baby powder cause ovarian cancer? A jury in St. Louis last month seemed to think so. It awarded more than $70 million to a California woman who said she used Johnson’s Baby […]


Balloon-in-a-Pill Helped Obese Patients Lose Weight

Obese patients who swallowed balloon capsules that helped them eat less lost an average of 15 pounds, roughly two times more weight than patients who just dieted and exercised, researchers report. The capsule was inflated with gas via a catheter when it reached the stomach. As many as three balloons were placed over three months, […]


USC students sickened by norovirus

University of Southern California officials say students have been sickened by the gastrointestinal illness norovirus in a number of campus residence halls. City News Service reports that fewer than 100 students have come down with norovirus in the seven-day period since the illness was first reported. Campus health officials sent an advisory to students on […]


Menopause lowers a woman’s sex drive

Sex is important to most middle-aged women, a fact established by a new study in the journal Menopause, which found that 75 percent of 1,390 middle-aged women reported sexual functioning to be moderately to extremely important. But roughly 20 months before menopause hit, these women reported a “notable decline in sexual function”; that decline continued […]


Safe patient handling linked to fewer worker injuries

Hospitals that implement safe patient handling and moving policies may find these practices associated with fewer injuries among health care workers, a small study suggests.Researchers analyzed data on 1,832 patient care providers at two U.S. hospitals – one that started a safety program and one without these policies in place.At the hospital that implemented safe […]


Anti-abortion Poland offers payments for disabled newborns

WARSAW, Poland –  Polish lawmakers approved a plan Friday to pay a bonus to families whose child is born disabled – part of a policy aimed at curbing the number of abortions. The “For Life” plan, which is expected to take effect next year, gives a one-time payment of 4,000 zlotys ($1,000) upon the birth […]


It’s as healthy to eat bugs as it is to eat steak

Think nothing can take the place of a juicy, perfectly cooked burger? Try a plate of fried grasshoppers. Okay, so they won’t exactly taste the same—and it may be tough to even stomach the thought of munching on bugs. But experts say that nutritionally speaking, they’re a good substitute for beef, and may be a […]